It's your time to shine, senior! Aptitude and attitude are everything, and I am putting you to the test.
But, don't worry, unlike the tests you have been taking, this one will result in the best senior portrait session ever.
So cut loose, have fun, and please tell me more about you. 

I appreciate your time in filling out this information, so be sure that all fields are complete to the best of your ability, as this will greatly help me make sure that I can properly coordinate and deliver the best photographs possible.   


  • eyes hair voice clothes sense of humor laugh smile my car/truck cologne/perfume face intelligence posture how I walk

  • preppy laid-back casual indifferent shy outgoing fun life of the party the class clown the fashionista clever smart sporty drama queen hyper always late always on time helpful supportive sarcastic artistic career oriented serious playful curious studious optimist philosopher spiritual tired silly social sweet opinionated athletic motorhead

  • drama football softball baseball track soccer golf yearbook wrestling volleyball honor society debate team choir drill team volunteering marching band art basketball Foreign language club dance team book club creative writing photography newspaper cheerleading FFA 4-H other, please tell me in an email

  • listen to music watch movies hang with friends Facebook Instagram Twitter read playing sports shopping working gaming hunting travel camping volunteering writing sketching sleeping in cooking dating church events crafting hiking skiing homework other, please email me to explain

  • funny movies hip-hop internet memes science fiction romantic novels watching sports doing your nails helping others avoiding homework sad movies classical music instruments dressing up the latest fashion pets and animals scary movies horror novels suspense drama anime Hollywood gossip gaming disco alternative music country music pop music Facebook my friends my iPhone or Android, etc. politics classic rock Twitter YouTube online gaming texting magazines other please email me and explain

Leave this empty:


 Please, keep in mind that the amount of photographs I can take is contingent upon the time block allotted.  It usually takes anywhere between 60-90 minutes per session depending on location and wardrobe changes.  If you are unsure about what to wear and how to prepare for your session, please don't hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to help.


I am excited to be a part of your special day making senior memories!  I look forward to seeing you soon and creating unforgettable images. 



-Memories for Life Photography, LLC